Hello!  Welcome  to the AraFashion Suisse . Let us tell you a little bit about us.

Seeing the world changing so much lately got us, Jonathan and John, the guys behind ARAFASHION, thinking. We’re two young entrepreneurs with international experience in the field of design, fashion and customer service – which are basically three areas that started to undergo a great wave of change recently.

We are primarily focused on renting out great garments at a fraction of their retail price. Of course, there is always the possibility of buying any item that you want. But there is more!

Our business focuses on bringing up the best in you. It’s all about your style, without any concerns about purchase, maintenance and storage of the great fashion garments you’ll wear. Basically, we aim to provide a bliss for your wardrobe with the best of both worlds: great image without closet clutter.

Plus, we are determined of making it all planet-friendly, as we are committed on permanently improving every step of our process from an eco-friendly point of view.

Sustainable style for sustainable life-style

We are determined to be an active part of a world where you can buy less and live in a smarter way – but without compromising your impeccable style. That is why we focus on renting instead of owning garments. Plus, our business goals are an all-electric delivery system (still in progress but coming soon), and eco-friendly cleaning procedures.

Hi-tech cleaning

Our garments are cleaned and conditioned in super high tech machines without using any toxic chemicals, and brought back to their just-like-brand-new state, disinfected from dust, allergens and bacteria, and ready for a new rental order.

We are so happy that you decided to embark in this amazing new journey where we hope we’ll raise to your expectations!

Cheers all

Jonathan & John