The principle is very simple. The renting process has two sections.

With Membership ( AraFashion Style Club )

Once you become a Member of AraFashion Style Club, the benefits will just open for you. Not only that with membership you can rent unlimited products ( please see details in terms and conditions) but also you could get a great benefit of 15% discount to any product ( not on sale already ) as long as you are an active member of the club. Other attractive discounts are given to Members via email newsletters.
As a valuable Club Member we will also reward you with free shipping. Terms and conditions apply.

No Membership rental

For non members of the Style Club registration is still required but only to keep track of orders and feedback, follow the delivery and of course to get the latest news from AraFashion Suisse. Renting by days only, customers will have an attractive package that always will fulfill their needs.

For the return process and more details about the refunds please see our Returning policy for rented products.