Making life easier by offering to busy and maybe more on-budget clients the opportunity to be elegant, stylish and up to their own high expectations / best public image at a low cost (while buying a service that is good for the planet). Affordable style and versatility that’s actually good for the planet.


  • Reduce spending, waste and volume of accumulated items by giving the possibility to borrow/rent rather then buying/owning such items in one place
  • More room in any closet
  • A variety of looks and outfits for special occasions
  • No worries related to cleaning special garments – all cleaning / dry cleaning or conditioning is insured by AraFashion. And no extra cost / included in the rental price for it.
  • Inspiration and style solutions for those lacking time or needing quick help
  • Fast solutions for emergency situations where, for some reasons, owned garments become unavailable and a special occasion is imminent.

Not for the daily life activities. For this, AraFashion’s website will have a section where our client can even buy some of our items.