AraFashion rentals Returning policy

Style Club Members – Returning the products

There are no set return dates!

When you’re ready to swap for something new, you can send back the previously rented items, AraFashion will receive and inspect the goods then your new closet will open again for you in the Member’s section so you are free to choose whatever you like again.

One time renters – Returning the products

For the one time renters ( occasional renting ) you must return the products in the same garment bag you received them or box, always using the prepaid label included with your initial rental order. For one time rental customers, it is important that AraFashion receive the goods back in its inventory no more than 48 hrs after the rental date is over ( initial booking end date ).

The deadline to receive back the products is always the last date of your rental plus 24 hours in case this date falls into a Sunday or Public Holiday.

Any additional delay will be charged according to the Terms and Conditions agreed at registration.