As one of our main goals is to create a sustainable business, we are committed to every step of the process with great care for you, the customer. This means we don not only care about your present, but we also your future. Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and always be opened to innovate, learn and provide new angles to quality.

These are just a few of the points that we worked very hard to set up. No need to mention that we are very proud of them!

• No harmful chemicals used for the cleaning process. Our garments are cleaned in super high tech innovative machines that don’t use toxic substances or procedures.
• We’re working on completely turning our distribution to electrical transportation means. That means you will soon receive your rentals and orders from us in small electric vehicles, with no extra cost!
• We aim to soon turn all of our packaging to recycled materials, while maintaining the highest Swiss standards.
• We’re working with latest IT tech provided by Swiss partners and deliver best practices for your data protection.